The Princess Tour


I met A.T. hikers, a Mother and daughter team that did over 800 miles going southbound last year.They started northbound at Springer Mountain just a few days after my start date.
the night we had the really bad experience at the Plumgrove shelter. Together we decided to flip flop the next portion of the A.T. by slack packing to avoid a group of hikers that we felt unsafe being around.

We dubbed ourselves the Princess Tour when we took our first zero which included a luncheon while allowing knees and feet to heal. Every zero day we take includes offering hikers a ride for resupply or a trip to an outfitter.
We skipped the Smoky Mountains because of the freezing weather we saw coming in. Instead we shuttled hikers around the Smokies, took a couple to Knoxville because they were going home, gathered hikers for resupply and took Britican and his son Rugby back into Smokies from Gatlinburg (they are guys I rode with from Texas to Georgia).
20140330_145814 - Copy
Today April 15th, my trail family went home. I will continue on and as I do I would like to thank Flash and Noodle for all the advice and fun times we shared. In the last few weeks I learned what true trail magic is all about. Flash helped me pick out my trail runner’s, let me borrow her Leatherman for the rest of my hike, suggested better ways to prepare my meals, helped with my resupply boxes and showed be a better system of packing my gear since I purchased a smaller pack. Flash and Noodle made me laugh and provided slack packing through some hard sections of the trail. They allowed me to yellow blaze (skip sections via car) when weather was miserable like today. They showered Jake with affection and I am grateful for their kindness.


2 responses to “The Princess Tour

  1. what did you encounter that was unpleasant. You mention it but do not go in detail. Hope you are ok hiking the rest of the trail alone!

    • Flo. To answer you question. Drug’s, alcohol and firearms. All in the hands of seventeen year olds at a shelter which is a over night area that A.T. hikers gather to spend the night. They were mixing bath salts with acid..ect. We were stuck with them all night due to weather danger that night. We turned around the next morning instead of ending the next five nights the same way as we had just begun a five day stretch without a way out. We bounced in front of them and last I heard thier parents took them off the trail.

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